Silverfern Farm
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Alaskan Malamutes
The Alaskan Malamute is the largest of the Arctic breeds.  He is a thick well-built dog with a plumed tail he carries over his back. 
The dog holds the image of a wolf but with a proud, sweet expression.  He has a thick , course double coat that averages one to three inches in length and comes in a range of light grey, black sable and red.  Combinations include wolf grey, black and white, wolf sable and red.  The only permissable solid colour is white.
The Alaskan Malamute is extremely loyal and intelligent.  He is sweet and affectionate towards his family and great with children.  Due to his sweet temperment, he is not suitable as a guard dog.
Without firm leadership and regular exercise, these dogs can become destructive.  They need owners who are firm and confident and consitant pack leader.
Here at Silverfern Farm, we breed our dogs with an emphasis on temperment so we can provide you with the best companion possible.
Our pups are raised in a heated outdoor kennel with plenty of interactions with people and animals.

Our Dogs



Koda was born in November 2009 and weighs in at about 150lbs.
He is a big boy with the most amazing temperament.  He has been called "goofy" at times and he can jump around like he is on springs.  His personality comes through in all his pups and grandpups.  RETIRED.


Nukka is our beautiful grey Alpha female.  Nukka has a standard coat but her pups are a mix of standard and wooly coats.  Nukka was born in 2011 and will retire soon.  She has a very sweet disposition but keeps her pack in line with a quick look or a low growl.  Like all the Mals, Nukka is a leaner and will happily flop on her back for belly rubs.  RETIRED

Tui is our pure white Malamute who was born in 2013.  She is a wooly coat Mal who produced wooly coated babies.  Although she has never had a pure white puppy, her offspring tend to be lighter than our other pups.  Tui is an escape artist and is the one in the pack who is quite willing to "tell on" the others who are not behaving.  She is always willing to tell you a story.

Whanau ( pronounced Fa-now) is the grandson of Kodiak and Tika.  He was born in 2013 and currently is our only stud dog.   He is a big boy weighing over 160 lbs.  He is just a big lovable boy who readily passes on the "goofball" gene to his pups.


Kura was born in January 2016.  She is a standard coat Malamute and throws beautiful pups in black/white and red/white. 
Kura is extremely affectionate and very smart which sometimes gets her into mischief.


Wharo (pronounced Faro) is the son of Kura and Whanau.  He was born in December 2017 and he will welcome his first offspring in early 2019.  He is a big, goofy boy with a standard coat.  He is  going to be a big boy when he finally stops growing.


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