Silverfern Farm
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We are currently breeding Gloucestershire Old Spot/ Berkshire , Hereford/Berkshire and Tamworth crosses. We have chosen these heritage breeds for their hardiness and outstanding taste.  We do not breed purebred pigs as we like the hybrid vigour of crossed breeds.  They tend to be healthier and grow much better.
All our pigs are raised in a 4 acre pen and are free to forage and root all day.
No antibiotics or growth hormones are ever used.

We are currently building up our herd of meat goats.  Our goats will all be at least 50% Kiko, with the remaining percentages being Spanish, Nubian, and Boer.  
We had 20 kids born in 2018 and look forward to April 2019 when we do it all over again!
If you are looking for an intact buckling, we need to know in advance.
Kiko goats were developed in New Zealand as a very hardy meat goat.  our
Our goats are raised in a 58 acre paddock which consists of pasture and forest.  They are protected by their guardian laama, Spirit.

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